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President's Welcome

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  • Welcome to the homepage of Changshin University.

    For 21 years, we were Changshin College offering two and three-year diploma courses. On June 20, 2012, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology raised its status to a university, and it has been recruiting students for the year 2013. After the final round of scheduled admissions starting on March 1, 2013, Changshin College will be starting a new chapter in its history as Changshin University, a 4-year tertiary institution.

    Changshin University is founded on the Christian spirits, Sincerity and Service. It pursues its three goals, namely humanization, professionalization and globalization, in the hope that its students become global leaders and Christian leaders contributing to the development of their local, national and international community.

    The campus is located in a pleasant and beautiful area easily accessible by public tranport and the dormitories can accommodate nine hundred students.

    Changshin University has 15 departments. It may seem small but its goal is to have a strong reputation in academic achievement by implementing education-oriented and employment first programs.

    In order to prepare its students to be leaders in the era where the demand for welfare services is increasing, the economic dependance on free trade agreement is inevitable, and the globalization of the nation is necessary, Changshin University aims for specialization in the fields of health and welfare as well as excellence in global education.

    I greatly appreciate for your visit to the homepage of Changshin University, and I hope you will continue to have an interest and offer your full support.

    Thank you for your interest in Changshin University.

    Sincerely yours.