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Department Information: Undergraduate

Mobile Communications Engineering Department

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Office Number
T. +82-55-250-3110

Bachelor of Mobile Communications Engineering

Course Description

The number of smart phone users is increasing day by day and the mobile industry is emerging as one of the major industries of the future combining IT as well as other technologies. The course is designed with the changes in mobile communications in mind. It provides the skills and knowledge necessary to take up roles in the mobile industry. Students will learn about wireless networks, mobile communications services, mobile devices, mobile software, mobile phone features and more. Students will also have opportunities to participate in IT-based research and development studies with companies and research institutes in the mobile industry.

Why choose to study this course at Changshin University?
Students not only learn theory but also skills!

Students will have opportunities to participate in research and development studies. They will undertake a project that will focus on their main area of interest. To help students carry out the project successfully, they will learn to think creatively and communicate effectively in a written and oral manner. They will also learn skills using IT which are important in doing research studies.

Students will be prepared to take up roles in international settings!

They will also have opportunities to improve their foreign language skills and appreciate foreign cultures, which will lead students to take part in international internship and student exchange programs.