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Music Department

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Office Number
T. +82-55-250-1330

achelor of Music

Course Description

The Music Department places great importance on character building education based on Christian values which will help students develop firm ethics and volunteer for community services. On top of the character building education, performance, creativity, and cultural content development are equally emphasized allowing students to achieve a high standard in performance and to undertake other study central to the development of the professional musician.

Why choose to study this course at Changshin University?

The Music Department has excellent facilities. It was selected as the best music course among all music courses in 2-year colleges around the nation in 2003 and 2008.

The Music Department has over 2000 music majors who are now actively working as professional musicians.

All students attend masterclasses where eminent musicians around the nation as well as from abroad are invited to teach. Students participate in recitals, and may participate in international performance camps. They also have opportunities to study for six certificates. All these opportunities will allow students to become multi-skilled musicians.

The Music Department hosts national music performance contests, and international performance camps. It also operates online education programs, as well as continuing education programs.

The Music Department continues to make efforts to help students reach global standards by exchanging information or establishing partnerships with music departments in other universities and colleges across the nation and around the world.

Students can major in piano, voice, strings, flute, practical music and Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)