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Department Information: Undergraduate

Art Design

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Art & Design

Course Description

To become professionals and remain competitive in the ever-changing cultural industry, students need to learn how to use their creativity while developing their artistic skills. To assist students in reaching their goals, the course is designed to introduce three disciplines in the modern cultural industry:

1. Visual design which now incorporates eco-design creating values that are extremely rewarding.

2. Fine arts which nowadays has a new role as a provider of cultural information, implementing technology and skills and a contributor to the welfare of society.

3. Digital media which can be used to create contents for the broadcasting industry. Why choose to study this course at Changshin University? Students can major in two disciplines and they will be able to easily assimilate by applying what they already know in one discipline to the other one.

As the course puts an emphasis on the practicality of art and design, students will be provided with opportunities to do work experience throughout their studying period. Furthermore, they will have access to the latest news about the industries related to art and design, which will prepare them well for the occupations they are interested in.