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T. +82-55-250-3170

Bachelor of Nursing

Course Description

he course prepares students to take a role in their local communities as registered nurses upholding the sanctity of life, professional ethics and a Christian perspective on service. The course aims to prepare graduates to be independent lifelong learners who are attuned to the needs of patients from diverse backgrounds; are patient-centered and value collaboration with patients and colleagues; seek evidence in the exercise of clinical judgment and safe practice; and act in a professional, compassionate and ethical manner. In addition, graduates are prepared to foster the development of nursing as a practice discipline and demonstrate leadership in health care at home and abroad.

Why choose to study this course at Changshin University?
The course places emphasis on developing interpersonal skills!

Students learn to develop interpersonal skills by carrying out tasks in small and large groups of students in and out of class. As interpersonal skills cannot be fully developed without knowing oneself, students learn to self-evaluate their strengthens and weaknesses to develop themselves to be a well-rounded professional nurse.

Hands-on experience comes first!

All classes are taught by professors with extensive hands-on experiences and all practice classes are carried out in classrooms fully equipped with the ultramodern medical equipment. Besides their field work, students are encouraged to volunteer to serve whenever possible in places where their voluntary participation will be greatly appreciated.

The field work is done at well-established reputable hospitals in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do Province!

All field work is done in partnership. All students doing field work will be provided with accommodation.

Graduates will be able to find employment at home or abroad!

There are two tracks offered in the course, namely the global track and the brand track. Students on the global track will be able to acquire a foreign langage which will be an asset to have living in the era of globalization. Those who are on the brand track, will be preparing for NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for the licensing of registered nurses) to be able to work in the United States of America.