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Real Estate & Finance

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Real Estate & Finance


The Department of Real Estate & Finance offers the first tertiary level courses in South-Eastern Korea to prepare the students for careers in real estate and banking. During their studies, students are tutored to attain certifications as estate agents, housing managers, and property appraisers.

Course Description

The course was the very first college-level course to be offered in Gyeongsangnam-do and Busan. The aim of the course is to prepare students to work as professionals in the fields of real estate and banking. To be qualified to work in these areas, you need to pass certification examinations for real estate professionals, housing managers, and property appraisers. Students will receive exceptional support so that they all pass these examinations.As the real estate industry and banking are growing, there will be an increase in demand for professionals. Hence, the course will prepare students to meet the demands.

Why choose to study this course at Changshin University?

The course aims to have all students be certified real estate professionals before graduating!

About two hundred graduates has now earned the certification to work as real estate professionals since the course was first offered. It has had the highest passing rates of national certification examinations for real estate professionals out of all the colleges and universities in South Korea. The youngest person to receive the certification in housing management was a Changshin University graduate.

There are over 2000 real estate graduates offering scholarships to real estate students. The scholarships organized by the graduates help real estate students to study without worrying about paying for their tuition fees. Those who already have security and a good reputation in their profession open up employment opportunities to real estate students as well.

All faculty members have extensive hands-on experiences in the areas of their specialty! Some are lawyers and the others have worked in areas including judicial affairs, or property appraising. Moreover, some are already well known and popular through their appearances on TV, radio and newspapers. They are always willing to answer any queries on taxes, city planning and/or green belt zones.